Proper Nutrition How About You?

Our People and Our Passion

We’re a great company made up of some fantastic folks.  Before we get “official” here’s just a small sample of some of us…(The “official About Us” is below…)



(Pictured: Top Carey Creason, sales with her Corgi and Corgi/Healers, “Hank”, “Toeie”, “Cash Money” & “Lucie Lou:.  Hunters on the Left:  Erica & Brady Prohaska with Max (Brady’s father is Keith Prohaska of Sales) Top Right:  Doug Matthews, National Account Manager with Lily (Maltese) and Rusty (Boise State Fan); Bottom Right: Nick & Angie Mercer Family (Angie is the daughter of Linda Ingalls of Country Vet;  Bottom Left: Todd Bridgeman from Sales with Tula (GoldenDoodle) and Brinkley (Labradoodle).


Rancher’s Choice Brand Pet Foods is a high quality, highly digestible, and palatable brand of pet food.  All products are manufactured by C.S.D. Nutrition LLC in our Sioux City, Iowa Plant. We maintain an approved supplier list for control of all incoming ingredients to assure our customers of a safe high performing pet food.  Our extensive delivery system, which has been in existence since 1956, allows our customers to have fresh product available at all times.  You’ll find that our complete line of pet food meets the needs of all pet life stages.   Thanks for choosing Rancher’s Choice Pet Foods.