Often our customers have questions about Rancher’s Choice or have a general nutrition question.  We invite you to write us and we’ll post the answers here.

What “really” is different about Rancher’s Choice products, say, from other brands?

Rancher’s Choice carries a complete line of Premium Pet Foods that are naturally preserved, ruminant free, palatable and highly digestible. We don’t simply re-package our products. They are made in our state of the art facility right here in Iowa.

How does Rancher’s Choice Pet Foods compare to other leading and premium brands?

In order to compare pet foods you need to look at what makes up the food. The first step is to look at the ingredient list. You then look at the order of ingredients. The first ingredient has the highest inclusion rate. Inclusion rates for ingredients go in descending order with the lowest inclusion rate product listed last. You have similar products IF ingredients and the guaranteed analysis match. Cost then becomes a consideration. Our goal is to produce a quality pet food at a very competitive price. We like to say we put our money where your pet’s mouth is…

About digestibility: Will these products aid my pets system? And, where can I find a dealer?

Pets determine the digestibility of a product. With our Premium Pet Food you will see little waste, a shinny more glossy coat and a more energetic pet. As far as dealers…check our dealer locator.