Breeders played a large role in the many sellections offered by Country Vet Pet Foods. We took the time to ask them what they required in breeding a top line of canines from sport dogs to family pets. They also play a large role in our continuing efforts to monitor our quality and performance. Take a minute to learn what some of the top breeders have to say about our products.


While every trainer has his or her unique methods of working with dogs they all have simular dietary conserns. They need to make sure they are feeding the right product for the specific circunstances required by the breed or training. We took their input when we formulated Country Vet Pet Foods and now they give us their feed back.


We’re grateful that so many individuals as well as private and public kennels use the Country Vet brand of Pet Food.  These folks are just like you…they want the very best for their companions.  We’ve asked some to share their stories.  Come on in and read for yourself.