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CJ German Shepherds

UBC_PHOTOS_006_2_useI have been searching for the right combination of ingredients, most importantly the first 5-ingredients listed on the ingredients information.  We’ve got strict nutritional requirements for my German Shepherd Dogs that I raise and sell.  Along with being affordable, Country Vet provides me with what we need.  I was most impressed with the Country Vet (Premium Active Formula-26-18).  This food has the 2-meat ingredients and also the barley (an ingredient hard to find in the south & only found in the premium feeds that are much more expensive than the Country Vet.) In addition, the amount of feed required to maintain a weight balance, is less with Country Vet than all the other feeds I was using. Also since it contains no soy or wheat products that contribute to skin irritations I also noticed that my dogs tend to scratch/itch less frequently.

I strongly recommend this to anyone searching for an economical feed that has the right combination of ingredients to keep your dogs healthy and active, with excellent coats and ideal weights.

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t tell other dog owners or retailers about Country Vet Pet Foods…my choice!

Jeff Giachelli 601-382-2011(C)

Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club & Kennel

Logo_for_TRENT_TestOur German Shorthaired Pointers and Labradors hunt five to six days a week, seven months out of the year.  We also actively train and compete customer dogs year round.  Our kennel has a lot of activity on any given day and we have had the best results with Country Vet Dog Foods.  We feed Country Vet Premium 26/18 and the Dog Fuel 32/20.  Our dogs point, flush and retrieve more than 12,000 birds every year!  With Country Vet products our dogs endurance and health is great!  We raise many litters a year and our dams and puppies all do excellent on Country Vet products.  Yes, we recommend Country Vet to all our customers.

Trent Leichleiter –

Kim Olson – KT British Labs – Elbow Lake, MN


Country Vet Pet Food and Dog Fuel are excellent products.  We feed and recommend these products to our customers.  With breeding, training, hunting and running dogs in trials, we get a wide range of situations to gauge the results from the use of these products.  Excellent coats, very good stools and a great retention of energy for the working situations.  With training, most dogs show up without the food they are being fed and we have had no problems switching them over to Country Vet Pet Food.  When customers come to get their dogs, they are impressed with the shape their dogs are in and we’ve found a number of them also switch to Country Vet.  The size of the kibble is small enough for the small breeds to handle, but still big enough for the large breeds to not just swallow without chewing.  We also enjoy the fact that we don’t have to feed large amounts, the food goes a long way which also helps out the stool size.

Brad Donald – Kimball, SD


I’ve been using Country Vet dog food since it came out and I couldn’t be happier with the kennel clean up or the effect it has made on the performance of my dogs.  We actually hunt over 170 days a year and Country Vet has definitely helped me produce quality labrador retrievers.

John Horn – Southern Heritage Labs – Lena, MS

At the beginning of 2006, I was looking for a new dog food that was of high protein and highly digestible.  A good friend recommended a food he was using.  I went to Ivensco in Forest, MS and visited with Preston Regionss who sells Country Vet Pet Foods.  At the time, I had 22 Labrador Retrievers in my kennel.  We raise labs as well as train dogs for hunting, obedience and retrieving.  Preston told us how great the product was and encouraged us to simply try it.

After six weeks we decided that Country Vet Pet Foods was right for us.  We now use the food and send a sample bag of Country Vet Puppy Food home with each new puppy we sell.  We also send Country Vet literature and contact information.  Simply put, we’ve found that Country Vet has been the product we’ve searched for…for a long time and now we recommend Country Vet Pet Foods and display their information at our kennel as well as the retriever and hunt tests we attend.

Castile Creek Kennels – Stewartsville, Missouri


We started feeding Country Vet Dog Fuel to our dogs in training in July 2006.  Our dogs’ energy levels are great, their coat and skin look great and the stools are great!  Country Vet has a food for all different stages in a dogs’s life.  We raise several litters of puppies a year and our puppies love the puppy food.  We feed and recommend Country Vet Dog Food products.  Visit Castile Creek Kennels by clicking here.

Lyle & Debby Steinman

Windy Acres French Brittany’s – Napoleon, ND



Country Vet Pet Premium has improved our dogs coats, overall health and endurance.  We’ve found that clean up is much easier and best of all our puppies love the food.  They like it so much we always send a bag home with the new owner.  We’ve tried them all and feel that Country Vet Pet Food is the answer we’ve been looking for.

We have just finished one year with your outstanding products. Our kennel is healthy and happy! My Best female just had a litter of 8 pups all are larger than any weve ever seen in 40 years of breeding.  Thanks, Country Vet!  Windy Acres French Brittanys

Phil and Walda Rogers


“I’ve been using Country Vet Pet Food for about a year.  I am very pleased with the success that we have had using the product.  The hair coat on our Boykin Spaniels is EXCELLENT!  Optiminal performance is what we strive for in all our dogs.  Country Vet provides the nutrition that allows our Boykins to be successful at every level of competition.”

Mark Rieger – Grand Meadows, Minnesota – Associate

J & L Boykins – Hamond, Wisconsin


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