Trainer Testimonials

Thomas K. Poorker – Midwest Gundog Kennels – Foreston, MN

We have been feeding Country Vet Dog Food for over two years and we’ve found that the food is very digestible, thus our clean up time has been cut down dramatically.  We can see in our dogs coats and their weight that the ingredients are first rate.  We have also switched dogs that were eating foods that cost twice as much as the 26 – 18 Premium Formula we use at Midwest Gundog Kennels, because they were either dropping weight or their stools were loose.  These problems were eliminated when we made the switch to Country Vet.  We believe in products that work and do what they say they do! Country Vet does that and more!

Bob Borden – Veteran Trainer-Borden Creek Kennels-Benson, MN

I have been raising, training and competing with dogs for over twenty years.  I’ve fed just about every kind of premium dog food on the market and nothing compares to County Vet and Dog Fuel products.  I train, hunt and compete with my dogs year round and they have never looked better than since I’ve started  using Country Vet and Dog Fuel.  It is easier to maintain my dogs and in stressful situations my dogs just keep performing at their highest level.

Also, I’ve found that because of the excellent quality of the food, the dogs eat less and there is less clean-up in the kennel.

I recommend Country Vet and Dog Fuel products to everyone.

Jennifer Stringer – Obedience & Retriever Trainer – Southern Heritage Labs


For any trainer or breeder, the health of  the dogs living in your kennel is a major concern.  Poor health can ruin your reputation and affect future business.  Here at Southern Heritage Labs, we use an affordable dog food that has the health benefits of more expensive brands.  Country Vet Pet Foods offers a wide range of formulas to suit the various ages and problem needs of the dogs in our kennel.  With over 25 dogs and three litters of puppies we’ve been impressed with the results of our feeding study.

Results, price and a product we are comfortable in recommending.  They, and we, can not argue with the improvements in our dogs coats, skin, weight and stool.  We’re proud to recommend and use Country Vet Pet Foods!

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